Restaurant: How It Started

A restaurant is synonym for the Public dining Room. Where, people can buy refreshments or meal on order. Usually restaurants have dedicated sitting space for group of people. Nowadays, restaurants are vital part of our society and daily life’s, as they are serving a single or two meals a day to substantial amount of people. Due to presence of restaurants, now people usually prefer to eat out-of-home to avoid hassle and to increase convenience in their lives.

Earlier Forms of Restaurants

Restaurants were present in known history with one form or another. During Roman and Chinese empires, the travelers from other countries were used to stay at travelers Inn, where food is served to them. But there were no menus and no choices are given to travelers. The choice of menu is completely chef’s decision. Customarily a common table was resent in room, where all people sits and can have same meal. No courtesy of services or tailored requests of food were catered. Most of the time, complaints were made and Chef’s pretend to unheard them. Those are not said to be restaurants in comparison of today but they can be referred as “Public Eateries” and all of them are owned by peasants/merchants or their family. It was said to be household business in those times.

Conference venue Melbourneduring medieval times, countries like Germany, England and France etc., they also follow the same Travelers Inn model for public eateries. The foods served by those eateries were of common fare and same food can be found in the house of peasants of merchants of that time.

Evolution of Restaurant

The modern Era for restaurant started in France. The word restaurant derives from “Restoratives” (Public Eating Place restaurant). This sign was hanged on at the door of Soup Vendor in Paris in 1765 saying “Restoratives”. Due to widespread use of restaurant now this word is used in many languages for restaurant.

But after this humble beginning, there was a boom in street food vendors which led the initial restaurant. The first luxury restaurant was open in Paris, France called “LA Grande Taverine de Londres” in 1782.

This is the stepping stone for this industry and after the opening of multiple luxury restaurants in Paris and people flocking to these restaurants on daily basis. Paris became the pioneer of restaurants industry and even they are said to be the founders of culinary equipment’s and sciences. People from other cities visited Paris to observe their restaurants and to gain knowledge about culinary science used in running a successful restaurant business.

During 19th century, eating at restaurant counts as nobility and there have been many restaurants were common man was not permitted to enter. For Entry One must be a member of noble family of a city to enjoy these delicacies.

But with advent of time, now restaurants are count as a daily stop-inn for common or rich person and now barrier of social classes are diminish in this business. This became as a necessity for every social class of society.