Why You Should Have A Minimalist Wedding

Today’s busy, materialistic and modern civilization has made us decide and follow a new approach to life. A minimalistic attitude some time ago would have been met with surprise and ridicule, as extravagance was a way of life. However, today, it is a more “modern” and at times, ironically, even expensive way of doing things. Nevertheless, it is a fitting idea to decide on stripping of unnecessary things and have the bare minimum; for the life, for decorating the house, or simply for a wedding. It could have a calming effect on the observers and even make you contemplate life in more holistic terms.

Bearing down on a minimalistic wedding

Among other things, a wedding could be an extravagant and even a wasteful affair of all. Many “new” and “do we really need these” sort of attachments are commonly found in marriage celebrations today. Do you really need that video which no one will watch afterwards? Are tall those 500 guests necessary? If you decide to seal the deal with just a celebrant Noosa and two witnesses, the money you would have spent on a big wedding could be used in an alternative, useful matter such as buying a house or even starting a savings account for the future.

How to design a minimalistic approach?

Why do you want to have a wedding, at all? It includes exchanging vows followed by a legal procedure of sealing the deal. Celebrations with the friends and relatives come later and is entirely optional. An actual matrimonial occasion is quite simple; there is a lot of stuff added on to it throughout the times and it keep son adding. At a given moment, if we do not decide to stop and look back on all these unwanted things, it could blow off any time. So, sit back and reflect; do you really need bridal showers? Special wedding stationary? A pre-photo shoot? Aisle runners? A pre-wedding dinner? Guest favours…? And so much more! After thinking of everything you can include, now think of things that you can definitely do without! For certain, aisle runners and a pre-wedding dinner with the family you are anyway living with, can be overlooked. So are a lot of other things.

A liberating experience

Once you decide on the absolute minimum that you want present at your wedding, it will turn out to be such a freeing feeling; more the items added means more worry for you. More people to find to take care of it and higher the cost. So what if you decide on an elopement ceremony, where it is just you two and the necessary two or three more in a secluded, but beautiful venue. It could be frightening at first to even think of a wedding with just three-four people, but once you decide on and go through it you will see what peace of mind a minimalist event can bring. Go ahead and give it a try. Chances are you will enjoy it and be content that you made a brave but wise decision.